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California Short Sales
Legal Q&As

C.A.R.'s Legal Department, on a regular basis, creates legal articles for our members.  These articles frequently are in question and answer format and are currently available on over 150 subjects in 50-plus categories.   Sample topics are advertising, arbitration and mediation, broker practice, cold calling, contract issues, landlord-tenant law, procuring cause, real estate disclosures, and many more.  Click on one of the navigation tabs on the left under "Legal Q&As" for additional information and access to all the C.A.R. legal articles. 

Short Sales:

MARS Rule for Short Sales (rev. Aug. 22, 2011)

HAFA Short Sale Time Periods (rev. May 3, 2012)

Short Sales  (rev. June 14, 2011)

Short Sale Advertising (rev. April 13, 2011)

Short Sale Deficiencies PDF (rev. Sept. 19, 2011)

Short Sale Deficiencies Fact Sheet (rev. Sept. 14, 2011)

Short Sale Fraud (rev. Sept. 19, 2011)

Short Sale Negotiators (rev. Jan. 13, 2012)

Short Sale Tips for REALTORS® (rev. Dec. 1, 2011)

HAFA Short Sale Fact Sheet (rev. April 27, 2012)

Credit After Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, or Short Sale (rev. Aug. 3, 2010)

Taxation of Foreclosures and Short Sales (rev. April 20, 2010)

MLS Offers of Compensation on Short Sale Pay and Probate Transactions (rev. Aug. 16, 2009)


Deeds In Lieu of Foreclosure (rev. Aug. 5, 2008)

Deficiency Judgement Chart (rev. April 24, 2012)

Foreclosing on Rental Property (rev. Nov. 4, 2009)

Foreclosure Scams and Foreclosure Consultant Law (rev. Oct. 30, 2008)
Foreclosure Timeline (rev. May 4, 2011)

Notice of Default and Investor-Buyer (rev. March 9, 2011)

Taxation of Foreclosures and Short Sales (rev. April 20, 2010)

National Mortgage Settlement (rev. March 18, 2009)


REO Tips for REALTORS® (rev. March 16, 2010)

REO Transactions (rev. May 20, 2008)

REO Disclosure Chart (rev. Jan. 2, 2012)

MLS Short Sale and REO Issues (rev. June 16, 2008)

REO "Net" Commissions (rev. March 18, 2009)


Bankruptcy and Real Estate Transactions (rev. June 29, 2011)

Deficiency Judgments and California Law (rev. Nov. 23, 2011)

Housing Stimulus Laws for 2009 (rev. March 18, 2009)

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